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My Background

I’ve always loved music & singing & whilst looking for a new direction in my working life, I met a man with some bowls, Himalayan singing bowls. We got talking about the effects that music & sound has on the body and after experiencing a soundbath meditation for myself I was hooked.  Following a lot of research, I became very excited about the huge benefits of sound frequencies & their capacity for healing.  I started studying with the British Academy of Sound Therapy in January 2020 which was an ideal time as ‘lockdown life’ gave me plenty of time to focus on my studies & perfect my techniques. During the case study part of the course, I was continually surprised & encouraged by how my clients benefitted from their sounding experience & I know that the scope of these practices is vast & it's accessible to everyone.


I'm a Yorkshire lass & live in Scarborough on the beautiful north Yorkshire coast. I nourish myself with sea swimming, yoga, dancing & all that nature has to share.

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