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I’m a  qualified Sound & Holistic Voice Therapist in Scarborough, North Yorkshire & I use sonic frequencies & rhythm to enhance health & wellbeing. 

I’m here to support you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.


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Hi, I’m Kate & I qualified with The British Academy of Sound Therapy in December 2022.  I'm an advanced  

practitioner in Sound & Holistic Voice Therapy (PL.Dip.ST) 


I play the monochord, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum & percussion & use my voice in specific ways to create a space for deep relaxation.

I provide individual tailor-made 1:2:1 sessions to work on specific issues which could include difficult life changes, mild depression, anxiety, stress-related illnesses, insomnia, chronic pain, digestive problems, auto immune diseases, tinnitus, arthritis, cancer & much more.

 I also hold group sounding sessions, give sound baths & voice baths for relaxation, reflection or creativity, which may be interesting to communities, clubs, corporations, retreats or festivals.


"I have felt the effects immediately from the sessions & the work after has been beneficial, in particular the 5Rs.  Just a few session with Kate I found to be instantaneously enhancing, evoking feelings of happiness & joy."


"I found Kate to be very welcoming & a very open & honest person.  She put me at ease straight away & I found her professional in her approach but also very caring.  She opened me up to a new perspective."


"Kate has always treated me with courtesy & shown sensitivity.  She is professional & allows me to disclose or reserve what we are working on.  I found the sound of her voice beautiful & her overtoning incredible.  It soothed my soul & enlightened me to use techniques which I believe enable to balance my life."
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